Eco is in our name… 

Eco Builders MK is built on the strength of our eco credentials. It’s an important issue to us because it’s important to you. Not only from the environmental point of view, but also the financial element. Building an extension or conservatory which lets out heat is like watching your money flutter out of an open window. 

Start at the beginning with design detailing 

The best way to ensure your new build extension, conservatory or orangery is as environmentally conscious as you would like it to be, is to consider this factor from the very start. And then ensure that the concept is followed through with every step and change you make.

When you employ ECO Builders MK to transform your house, we start at the very beginning by designing and planning your build. That means we’re with you every step of the way and consistently consider the impact your build is having from an eco standing.

Energy and EPC Specialists

So what is an EPC?

An EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. You need one whenever you build, sell or rent a house or flat. In fact, you’re breaking the law if you don’t have one when marketing your property. But you also need an updated EPC if you extend your home or make significant changes which could affect its energy efficiency – like adding a conservatory.

EPC for Conservatory

What does an EPC tell me?

An EPC shows expected, typical energy costs for your home; showing how the property uses energy. It also offers recommendations on how to reduce energy use and save money. It then gives an overall rating between A – the most efficient rating you can achieve – and G – the least efficient rating. An EPC is valid for ten years as long as you don’t make any more major structural works to your home. In order to get one you have to employ an accredited assessor to come out and assess your property. They will then issue the certificate which you can use to market your house with or compare with your neighbours.

Can you assess the rest of my house?

This is an important point. Because there isn’t a lot of use in building a well-insulated air tight, eco friendly extension to your home, if the rest of your house is under performing. We are happy to look at your property as a whole and offer advice and recommendations for improving its energy efficiency rating across the board.

What is a U-value? 

A U-value is the rate of transfer of heat through a structure. It represents the thermal performance of the building fabric and demonstrates how much heat is being lost from the inside to outside. For example, single glazing glass will have a very high U-value and a well-insulated brick building will have a very low value. It’s just one of the elements we take into consideration when working on your building design. If you can use materials and combinations which offer a lower U-value then you’ll need to use less energy – gas or electricity for example, to keep that room toasty warm. Thereby reducing your eco-footprint and your fuel bills.

What about air tightness values?

You may have read about these as part of your Building Regulation requirements. This concerns how much cold air can get back into your house from outside. It is assessed via ‘air permeability’ – the easiest way to think about it is whether there are cracks and gaps leading to drafts in your house. The more drafts, the more you need to turn the heating on to off-set. Furthermore, in the autumn and winter, it can lead to moist air moving into cold wall cavities – resulting in condensation and black mould build up. Again this is where our expertise in the energy sector comes to the fore so that you and your home can benefit from years of knowledge and experience.

We're switching to using more eco-friendly CEM-II cement which saves nearly 10% on carbon emissions in production......

How can Eco Builders MK help?

We take the stress away from your build by managing the entire project from concept to completion – and that includes all of the extra administrative duties you have as part of a building extension, including EPCs. We work with energy specialist, Paul Harrison, who is one of the most highly qualified and experienced assessors in the country. Paul owns the company EPC Limited – who perform assessments and generate EPCs for both domestic and commercial properties and new builds. 

Not only will Paul be responsible for producing and signing off your Energy Performance Certificate, he will be part of the planning and design team from day one.

To ensure his experience and knowledge are incorporated into the design of your extension for maximum energy efficiency. Add to that the experience of our Director, Vic Harrison, who set up ECMK, contracted to the National Energy Foundation, which developed the National Home Energy Rating system – the early energy efficiency software used by builders and local authorities throughout the UK. We think we are uniquely positioned to make sure your building work is energy efficient and fully compliant.

Thermal surveying

So how can you tell whether Eco Builders MK lives up to its name? Eco credentials are important because not only are we looking after the environment, but we’re also considering the warmth and comfort your new extension or conservatory can offer. And how do we do this? Through the latest developments in thermal surveying technology.

Paul Harrison is an incredibly well qualified and experienced energy assessor who is on hand throughout your build to advise and assess on the design and quality of our work. Using both hand held and drone thermal imagery we can even demonstrate to you the differences between the energy efficiency of your home before and after! You can therefore be confident we’ll build an efficient, future-proof and legislation-compliant extension or conservatory.

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