Conservatories and Orangeries 

Brighten your home with our elegantly designed conservatories and orangeries.

A space you’ll love, all year round…

Adding a conservatory or an orangery to your home brings warmth, light and space and can give you that ‘outdoors inside’ feeling; bringing you closer to your garden. Our small team of local builders pride themselves in their professional and courteous manner; working with you from day one to provide a befitting glass extension to your home that’s built with the needs of you and your family in mind.

What’s the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

The easy answer to this is bricks. A conservatory is made of glass and PVC whereas an orangery is an amalgamation between glass and brickwork. Or half way between a conservatory and an extension. To get technical for a moment, an orangery will have a glass roof which covers less than 75 percent of the total roof area and glass walls covering less than half of the total wall space. Although our conservatories are designed with the environment in mind, orangeries are even more eco-friendly because of the addition of brick work which enables more insulation. For this reason they are best added to a room which is used a lot – like a kitchen, where light is especially welcome but it needs to be warm year round because it’s used everyday. They are often built for entertaining space due to their sumptuous feel.

Orangery Design

Looking for a combination – somewhere between an extension and a conservatory? Adding an orangery to your home lets in light and gives you more space, much like a conservatory does, but also improves even further the value of your home due to its grand, and opulent look. And is incredibly customisable. We can provide drawings for a unique orangery to your home because you can be part of the design process – deciding where and how much light you let in.

Let’s Build Something Together

What’s the first step towards building a conservatory or orangery in my house?

Simple, give us a call. Initially there is no cost at all. We are happy to pop over for a chat in the garden. We follow social distancing rules when it comes to client visits and are more than happy to talk over the phone with you first if this is more comfortable for you. At this stage we can talk to you about how we think a conservatory or orangery could work for your home and what it might look like.

Will it cost a lot of money?

This is very much up to you. We are happy to let you know what we could do within your budget, or present a couple of different ideas to you. We will only charge you once we start to draw up plans for you. But this is where we are different. Not only are we experienced in building, our Director, Lionel Shaw, has an extensive background in design and planning. We will manage the project from start to finish and be with you all the way. So our fees will be laid out in advance for you, meaning no hidden costs.

I already have a conservatory but it’s not very warm, what can I do?

Are you ready to give your conservatory a new lease of life with a conservatory roof replacement? Whether you want to update to an energy efficient solid, tiled roof or keep maximum light but with a more thermally efficient, easily maintainable glass roof we can advise all of the solutions available to you for a conservatory roof replacement. 

It’s essential to consider planning and building regulations when changing the structure of a conservatory, a fact often brushed aside by builders, but with serious consequences when coming to sell a property. This is where our planning and design expertise can offer you the best and most considered advice. When you work with us you can be confident that we’ll offer an energy efficient, building and planning regulations compliant, conservatory roof replacement.

Will I need planning permission for my conservatory?

The rules governing planning permission for conservatories and orangeries are the same as those for building an extension onto your house. It’s known as permitted development rights and it all depends on the size of the extension, how high you want to go and where it will be added to the house – round the back or the side. Lionel’s background within the Planning Department of Milton Keynes Council gives him an excellent understanding and experience of working within current planning rules.

Conservatory Design

A conservatory provides a peaceful, tranquil room in your home. But not only that. Built well, a conservatory can add value to your home without breaking the bank. Many conservatories don’t need planning permission so they are often a low hassle and low cost way of creating space in your home. Our conservatories are designed and built with environmental credentials in mind. Ensuring they retain warmth and don’t add to your fuel bills in the winter. And our tailor-made approach will ensure your conservatory blends into the feel of your home with the right proportions and design considerations.

To ensure his experience and knowledge are incorporated into the design of your extension for maximum energy efficiency. Add to that the experience of our Director, Vic Harrison, who set up ECMK, contracted to the National Energy Foundation, which developed the National Home Energy Rating system – the early energy efficiency software used by builders and local authorities throughout the UK. We think we are uniquely positioned to make sure your building work is energy efficient and fully compliant.

What’s Next?

Whether or not you know what you want or need for your home, we are happy to pop over and have a cup of tea, chat ideas through and decide together how best to proceed. 


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