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Running out of space indoors? See the potential your garden could provide.

Our garden offices are typically built within just two and a half weeks and offer all the comforts of the indoors without taking up space inside your house.

Garden and Home Office Design

Perhaps you are struggling with a small shared study? Fed up with finding somewhere in the spare room for your laptop? Or bored with people making cups of tea around you in the kitchen?
Building a home office in the garden provides space, warmth and light in a practical room that’s separate from the noise and busy atmosphere of the house. It gives you a quiet, peaceful sanctuary where you won’t be disturbed. With the added bonus of being able to enjoy pretty views of your garden.

Our complete design and build service provides you with a finished, fully connected home office within a matter of weeks. In fact, once our build team begins work it’s usually complete within two and a half weeks. But we won’t just drop a prefabricated box into your garden. 

Our approach ensures we consider your working requirements and we work together with you from the initial idea and base building to the size, design detailing, electricity hook up and insulation needs.

Eco Builders MK build garden home offices which can be used year-round. They are self contained units with fully fitted lighting, heating, phone lines and wifi – whatever you need to be able to work from home with ease and efficiency. We take care of everything, leaving you to concentrate on your own work. What’s more, our garden offices are incredibly low maintenance. We choose to build with PVC where possible, to ensure there’s no annual repainting or repairs needed.

Can you build an eco friendly home office in the garden?

Eco Builders MK prides itself on our eco-credentials. We are able to offer you a number of insulation, roofing and heating options to fit with your budget and eco requirements. We can even offer solar panels and heat pumps, providing you with a garden office that’s completely self sufficient and saves you money on your fuel bills

Checkatrade Score for Garden Home Office

“Ecobuilders MK designed and built a high spec home office in our garden. They kept us informed and involved where needed from the design to finish. Everything was arranged for us, including clearing our garden from shrubs and trees to make space for the office. Our Home Office has everything we desire such as internet connection, insulation, electricity, lightning, and interior decoration. We absolutely love it! Everything was done professionally and the team and the service were absolute fantastic! And it was all done in 2.5 weeks with high quality! I can really recommend this company!”

Low Maintenance, built to last

Our garden rooms are designed using incredibly low maintenance materials which last. This means you won’t have to undergo any annual upkeep of the building. All they need is the odd wash down outside to keep them looking sparkly new! In fact, even though our garden rooms don’t need planning permission, they are built to Building Regulations standards and a similar spec to a timber framed house. They’re really that good! It’s like having another room of your house, outdoors. Giving you year-round warming insulation, certified electrics, and an unrivaled U-value.

low maintenance garden office

Garden office questions?

How easy is it to put up a home office in the garden?

Incredibly easy. There’s no need for planning permission or building regulations, so we can typically build you something in less than three weeks. And because we are only working in your garden, it’s one of the safest forms of building work we can do at the moment. We provide full 3D design drawings ahead for you to agree prior to the work and constantly consult with you to ensure we’re fulfilling all of your requirements.

How functional will my home office be?

Our garden offices are there to offer you a practical space from which to work. So we do it all. Heating, electricity, light, warmth, it’s all there. Ready for you to turn your computer on and get a day of uninterrupted work done!

Do I need planning permission for a home office in my garden?

The quick answer is no. You don’t need planning permission to benefit from one of our home offices for your back garden. That’s because the rules state that as long as it doesn’t take up more than 50 per cent of your garden, is single storey and under 3 metres high, and you don’t plan to live in it then you should be fine.

However we may need to make a few checks if your home is listed or in a conservation area. If you are looking for a more substantial structure, with plumbing for example, then we are well experienced in working with planning departments and within building regulations and can help you with this.

It’s not all work work work…

Our garden offices aren’t just for work. Perhaps lockdown has encouraged you into daily exercise and you’re now looking to create a home gym or yoga studio. Or maybe it’s encouraged your hobbies and you could do with somewhere to bash the drum kit or get crafting without interruption. Our garden rooms provide the perfect workshop, storage or private relaxation space.

Interested in finding out more?

We pride ourselves on offering a full design and build service. Once you’ve given us a call or dropped us an email, we’ll arrange to pop round and meet with you in your garden. Always sticking to social distancing guidelines. Our expertise in design detailing, means that we’ll take into account your existing garden landscaping to ensure your office fits into its new home aesthetically and practically. We don’t just drop off a cold shed for you to construct. Our home offices match the spec of a timber framed house. 

From preparing the groundworks, to the final, fully certified electric hook up, we do it all. Leaving you with a comfortable, inspiring and private place to work.

Get started on your new space!

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you just know you need some more space and don’t know where to start, just pick up the phone to us. We’re happy to have an initial chat or pop round in a socially distanced manner. We won’t charge you for any initial meeting.

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